Portway Edit

Fuel Texaco

Forecourt Londis, Tchibo, Hand Car Wash

Conniburrow Edit

Westbound BP, Shop n Drive, Costa Express, Car Wash

Eastbound BP, Shop n Drive, Subway, Costa Express

Notes Both operated by Rontec.

History: (Westbound) (Eastbound)

2008/2009 Texaco/Somerfield BP/Connect/WBC

2011 BP/Mace (?)/WBC BP/Connect/WBC

2012 BP/SnD/WBC BP/Connect/WBC

2014 BP/SnD/CEx BP/SnD/CEx/Subway

*WBC = Wild Bean Cafe, SnD = Shop n Drive, CEx = Costa Express

Three Counties Edit

Fuel BP

Forecourt Car Wash, Jet Wash

Formerly BP/Connect/WBC.

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