Costa Coffee
Predecessors On the Run Café, Caffe Ritazza, Coffee Nation
Successors none
Associated Names Esso, Moto, Roadchef
Coffee Machine brand Costa Express

Costa is a cafe/coffee shop brand used in a number of locations across the UK, mainly in town centres and shopping precincts. They are also used by Moto and Roadchef in their service areas, as well as in motorway forecourts operated by Moto. They are also part of many Esso On the Run Cafes.

Costa Express Edit

There aren't many forecourts that don't have a coffee machine, and a very common option is Costa Express. It serves Americano, Cappuccino, Latte and Hot Chocolate, usually for the price of £2.19 for a regular cup and £2.49 for a large cup (prices vary at motorway service stations usually £2.85/£2.99).

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