Locations 1,000 (500 company owned)
Loyalty scheme Tesco Clubcard
Predecessors Westmorland fuel
Successors BP
Associated Names Euro Garages, MRH, Tesco Express, Spar
Coffee Machine brand Costa and Costa Express

Esso is the UK subsidary of ExxonMobil for forecourt fuel sales. They use the brands Snack and Shop, On the Run and Tesco Express mainly for their retail stores, but Rontec and EuroGarages operate "Shop 'n Drive" and "Spar" stores respectively too.

On the Run Edit

On the Run stores are normally Esso's brand for their biggest forecourts, most of which operate a cafe called On the Run Cafe, which usually includes a Costa outlet.

Snack and Shop Edit

Snack and Shop are Esso's medium-sized stores, which sell most things a normal convenience store would sell. They usually come with a Costa Express machine.

Tesco Express Edit

A joint business venture between Tesco and Esso, meaning customers can fill up and get their branded shop done at the same time.

Rontec Edit

Rontec is a company which has recently taken over most Snax 24 stores, and a lot of the Total disposals as well.

Locations Edit

On the Run Edit

Snack and Shop Edit

Tesco Express Alliance Edit

A4#Slough East (A4) (westbound only) with Costa Express