Markfield is a TRSA located off Junction 22 of the M1, but actually on the A511. It has recently been completely taken over by BP, but it is actually run by Euro Garages.

Operator Euro Garages

Fuel BP

Forecourt Spar, Starbucks on the Go, Car Wash

Main Amenities Many restaurants and cafes have been in the empty amenity building. See below.

Hotel Travelodge

History Edit

Markfield was an MSA off the M1, but with little to no signage it never really took off. It was owned by Granada, which ended up being Moto, who sold it to Euro Garages. Euro Garages have recently sold it to BP, however they still operate the forecourt.

Units over the years at Markfield Edit

Owners Retail Unit Restaurant Unit 1 Restaurant Unit 2 Fuel Forecourt Store
Granada Granada Retail Store Little Chef Burger King BP ?
Granada - Little Chef Burger King BP ?
Moto - Costa Burger King BP Connect WBC
Moto - - Burger King BP Connect WBC
Moto - Coffee Nation Burger King BP Connect WBC
Euro Garages Spar Coffee Nation Starbucks BP Spar
Euro Garages - Coffee Nation - BP Spar
BP - - - BP Spar

As you can see from the above table, there have been a lot of changes over the past 20 or so years in the relatively small amount of space Markfield has to offer.

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