File:Shell Beacon.jpg
Loyalty scheme Shell Driver's Club
Predecessors Total, BP, Murco
Successors BP, Texaco
Associated Names Euro Garages, Extra, Welcome Break
Brands used Select, Deli2Go
Coffee Machine brand Costa Express

Shell usually have their own brand Select convenience stores, which usually come with Deli2Go. They have recently started using little Waitrose as a business asset.

Little Waitrose Edit

Shell have a few sites (20-30) which have little Waitrose forecourts, whereas they used to have Sainsbury's Local stores.

Select Edit

Select is the brand used for Shell's larger stores, and often they come with Deli2Go. The smaller alternative is simply "Shop". The range vastly increased after the acquisition of a lot of Total sites.

Locations Edit

Select Edit

A4#Gillette Corner (A4) with Costa Express

A4#Heathrow (A4) with Costa Express and Deli2Go

A4#Slough East (A4) (eastbound only) with Costa Express and Deli2Go

Little Waitrose Edit

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